Last weekend, I decided it was time to pull out the last of the tomato plants in my garden. It was fun to just pick what was left… all different shapes and colors. The garden has been a true joy and look forward to starting again next spring!



IMG_5023 IMG_5024

Alas, living in South Florida for most of my life, I never appreciated summers. This is partially because it is pretty much summertime year-round with the exception of a few cooler weeks here and there. Florida summers are also known for being brutally hot and humid.

In the Northeast summer is truly a season, a lovely season with gardens, flowers everywhere, warm sunny days, cool nights, al fresco dining with the soft glow from lightning bugs. You open your pool for Memorial Day and close it around Labor day… and just as quickly as that, the earths axis shifting, less daylight hours, the temperature drops and leaves begin their transformation from summertime greens to golds and auburns.

So long sweet Summertime, and welcome to Autumn.




My husband built me this lovely spot to garden, and although I knew zero about vegetables gardens, I thought I’d give it a try!  I planted mostly seedlings that I had started inside.  I also bought two beefsteak tomatoes plants already established. My goal was to keep it organic.

IMG_3724 IMG_3558  

We realized the cones would be needed! The zucchinis were amazing!

IMG_3824 IMG_4294   


IMG_4385 IMG_4386 Butternut squash and zucchini blossoms!

IMG_4367  Enjoyed watching the sunflowers bloom!


Overall it has been a gratifying first experience growing our own garden. We have had an abundance of cucumbers, zucchini, and tomatoes  - so nice to have fresh from the garden to table. Next year I will definitely plan it out better and try new things!

Our second summer in the Northeast finishes up today even though we are due to have the warmest week this year. I came across photos I took at the kick off of summertime. In Boonton, NJ they start their summer with the Dog Daze of Summer which showcases dog sculptures painted by local artists. 

For more information on the Dog Daze Charity, go to:

A list of Art Galleries found in downtown Boonton: Artistic Impressions Studio, ARTeffects on Main LLC, Broadfoot & Broadfoot, A Collection of Fine Art, Craig Collins Photography, Speakeasy Art Gallery

DSC_0482  DSC_0479DSC_0487 DSC_0488 DSC_0489  DSC_0496DSC_0490DSC_0481

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Photo Friday Theme – Signs Of Summerby Kim O’Neill

Spring is finally in full bloom in the Northeast, so I enjoy taking my dog outside first thing in the morning. That day I walked out past our pond only to find the large goldfish I’ve named “Big Momma” dead on a rock! I then cautiously looked around my backyard as we have had black bear and wildcats prowling through our neighborhood. As I turned to the front, I saw this beautiful heron perched in the trees. I had only wished I had my zoom lens!!!  People have warned me about herons but this is the first I have spotted in the year and a half I have moved here.  I read that now through July is their breeding time and like to position themselves near bodies of water (which there are many nearby) So with the trees sprouting their…

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I just watched a segment on the Today Show about Thomas Morgan, filmmaker and father, who created the 100 Good Deeds game with his family. It really touched my heart how enthusiastically his children responded to this idea and are making a difference every day they play the game. The rules of the game:  A “good deed” means we’ve gone out of our way to help someone and only counts if the deed remains anonymous.

This resonates with me as I search for my purpose. I’ve been adjusting to the empty nest as well as our “nest” relocating to the Northeast for my husband’s work has been a challenge for me.  Pursuing good deeds would be a great way to reach out to my new community.  I found a great list of 100 ideas on

Here are some of my favorites ideas:

Leave a gift for someone in a random public place such as on a park bench, at a bus stop, the library, a coffee house, or restaurant. Laura Miller started kindness missions by leaving a single hydrangea flower on the windshield of a car in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. That single act has now blossomed into an international phenomenon of anonymous acts of kindness. Check out her website Secret Agent L.

Volunteer or organize a clothing or food drive with your neighbors for a local shelter. Your taking initiative to collect and distribute items will not only make it easy for them to give, but will also inspire them and help others.

Lend an elderly person a hand, if you see them struggle to reach something in the grocery store or while doing another activity.

Thank a service person such as your postman, military, a police officer or fireman for their hard work and dedication to serving others.

 Sincerely compliment someone every day, whether it be their physical appearance, their character, or what they’ve accomplished in spite of difficulties.

Let someone into traffic who looks like they are in a rush.  Remember though to be very cautious especially if either of your vision is impaired.

The next time you have exceptional service at a restaurant make sure to tell the waitperson’s manager what a fine job they did, either in person or in writing.

Donate your used books and/or magazines to a local library.

Give up your seat on the train or bus to an elderly or pregnant person, or someone who looks tired.

Create a craft that can be brought into a local children’s hospital. Some ideas include knitted items, quilts and beaded necklaces.

Send someone an e-card for a special occasion or to let them know that you are thinking about them. A great website for e-cards is

Leave a newspaper, magazine or even a book at a coffee house once you’ve read it for the next person. You can add a note that says you hope they enjoyed it as much as you did.

 Mentor an at-risk child or teenager by becoming a big brother or sister with the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation and help them achieve their potential.

Say good morning or hello to passersby during your day, even if you don’t know them, simply as a friendly gesture.

Adopt a soldier and help a soldier in a variety of ways such as sending note cards, donating items, or hosting an event for a veteran.

Donate blood to the Red Cross and tell of your experience, encouraging others to do the same.

Buy an inspirational book for someone who needs some uplifting.

Make a child’s wish come true through the Make a Wish Foundation, the nation’s largest wish-granting organization. You can help give hope, strength and joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Start a blog or website that can help people. You can also sell advertising and then donate some of the proceeds to a nonprofit.

 Leave a $10.00 bill in an open public place for someone to find. You will make their day! But be sure it’s not in a place where it may be turned in by an honest person.

When you have finished mowing your lawn, mow your neighbors too! Be sure to ask them first and let them know that you are practicing kindness, and they would help you if they agreed to your offer.

Say “thank you” and “please” as generously and often as possible.

Think about a loved one or friend who has a need and respond to that need. Whether it be to lend support in their job search, helping them with a project, or just offering your ear whenever they need to talk.

Stick up for a person who has been treated wrongly.

Let someone, who only has a few items, go ahead of you in the checkout line of the supermarket.

Adopt a pet from the humane society near you. You can even search for a pet locally through

Resolve to Be Real in life. A truly kind person will be authentic with their words and actions, realizing the negative or positive impact they can have in every encounter.

For more information on 100 Good Deeds, go to


“Christ’s resurrection is not an event of the past; it contains a vital power which has permeated this world. Where all seems to be dead, signs of the resurrection suddenly spring up. It is an irresistible force. Often it seems that God does not exist: all around us we see persistent injustice, evil, indifference and cruelty. But it is also true that in the midst of darkness something new always springs to life and sooner or later produces fruit. On razed land life breaks through, stubbornly yet invincibly. However dark things are, goodness always re-emerges and spreads. Each day in our world beauty is born anew; it rises transformed through the storms of history. Values always tend to reappear under new guises, and human beings have arisen time after time from situations that seemed doomed. Such is the power of the resurrection, and all who evangelize are instruments of that power.”
Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel)



It definitely was a long winter this year. I have to admit that I absolutely love the snow especially when its peacefully falling or on a beautiful sunny day being out in the fresh crispness of winter. By the time there are layers of ice where you need snowshoes to walk on it, and the snow is now shades of charcoal along the roads, I long for Spring.

I love what Charles Dickens wrote about March because it the truth living in the Northeast! I am on the lookout for that first “Spring Day”!!


DSC_0169    DSC_0171    DSC_0179    DSC_0191


John loves to hike and he knows I love photography so we decided to do a photo hike in a new area out by Long Valley. It was a good hike especially along the Black River where you  were climbing over rocks. I didn’t love the uphill climbs as it reminded me how out of shape I am.  It definitely was a popular spot with families young and old and the family pets!

After our hike, we stopped off at the Cider Mill Farms for some homemade goodies and coffee. Lovely family place!



autum benchAutumn Walk by Kim O’Neill

Walking through crisp air,
leaves fall around me like rain
the soft sounds of peace.
*   *   *
Leaves spin as they fall
painting yellow, orange, and red
a rustic landscape.
*   *   *
Shepherd at my heel
loves to explore on our walks
the world around her.
*   *   *
Squirrels scurry about
collecting their goods to store
for cold days ahead.
*   *   *
The smell of fireplaces
warmth and coziness nearby
the breath of Autumn.
*    *   *
As I step inside
I press my leaves in a book
memories to keep.

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