The Mayberry Test

1000px-Mayberry_post_office_1024Today I had to ship my daughter’s passport to her as she needs to renew it for a spring break trip, so I headed to the post office in town for the first time. On the way, I thought of some of my favorite post office visits. One was to Sunol, California where I drove out of Pleasanton to avoid the Christmas rush. It was so worth the extra miles to enter a true small town and have that warm fuzzy feeling where people take the time for pleasantries. My other favorite post office was in the Florida Keys which was another small town stop on the way to the store. The two ladies were so nice and welcoming, it reminded me of Mayberry which was the fictional town from the Andy Griffith show in the 1960’s. I told my husband  when I hopped back into the Jeep, I was ready to move there…. well, we didn’t move south!

This post office looked promising, small and quaint! I went in and could tell straight away it wasn’t a friendly sort of day. No welcome as I was the only one in there picking out my express envelope. When I walked up to the woman at the register, I tried to be pleasant but she hardly could glance up. I was going to comment on her nails (because mine are so in need of help) but I wasn’t feeling it. On my way out, I sang “Have a good day.” Disappointed that they didn’t pass the Mayberry Test… I headed off to take a drive instead of more errands.

When I mentioned it to my husband, he said how could anyone be friendly in this bitter cold. I think the high was 19 degrees today… so I decided to not let a first impression be my final impression. I know it’s silly to have expectations, but when you move to a new area and looking for that “hometown feeling” its hard not to want to meet a friendly face.

Update: Had to go back recently and it was busy. I witnessed patience and humor by the woman who waited on me last time, and the man who helped me was very informative and wished me a good day!! My husband was right… again!!


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