Walking in a Winter Wonderland

the driveway

I have to admit, newly fallen snow is just beautiful and peaceful.

Getting around in it is a different subject…

After Nor’easter Nemo came through, we woke to find our power still on (YES!) and only a foot of the white stuff – compared to other areas with 2 to 3 feet of snow. We remembered that we needed to get last night’s mail and took the dog for a walk down the drive. I just followed behind my husband, stepping in his footprints all the way down. When we reached the box, we only found the wood structure that holds the mailbox! All we saw was a huge drift made by the snow plows, but no mailbox. John dug around the area to see if he could find it, and then a little black piece caught his eye about 10 feet away. There it was!

So happy  it didn’t get plowed away, we then trudged back up the driveway. John with mailbox and garbage pail in hand. Me with Bailey. I realized my current snow shoes were not made for snow this deep! Time for another winter pair of boots,  & snowshoes.

A few hours later, the driveway was plowed but secretly I think John really wants to take my jeep 4 wheeling through the snow!


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