NYC adventures

The holidays are over, we have brought in another New Year filled with hope and resolutions, and I have noticed it has been since November that I have posted anything on this blog. I do a few other blog projects… ennui where my friend and I take on a weekly photo challenge and then another photo blog if I am working on anything in particular… but this one has been left behind.

This is now my 3rd winter as a North Easterner. I have to say that I adore the seasons, and we love our house set in the woods. People are friendly enough out and about, but I have yet to feel part of a community here. In the past my connections had everything to do with my girls and their school and activities, but now as an empty nester it has been much harder to find those connections. I’ve taken painting, pilates and other activities around town, and I know in my heart that I need to put myself out there by becoming involved to make a difference.

When I started this post I meant to write about venturing into NYC with our girls over the holidays –  but now they are back at school, my husband is back to traveling and I am home alone working on photography and art. This amplifies my need in becoming part of a community and making friendships. Wish me luck as I RESOLVE to try harder to put myself out of my comfort zone!

Happy New Year,



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