Finally, Springing!

IMG_7344Tonight I am thoroughly excited to watch Season 5 Game of Thrones where the phrase of the Stark family is “Winter is Coming”, I have to say I am even more excited to say today that “Winter Has Ended”!

Sunshine and warmer temperatures in the 50’s drew me outside to do some yard work.  Cleaning up sticks and debris that have accumulated through the winter, I happily found new growth under many of my perennials and my bulbs peaking through the beds. The grass grows a little greener every day, waking from it’s dormant sleep. A few days ago, there were literally 50 robins in my front yard. I guess that was a sure promise of Springtime. It reminded me of Florida and if you had a yard full of Ibis, watch out for hurricane weather! (Okay, the robins are a better forecast!)

I had just spent the week leading into Easter visiting family in Florida and the weather was beautiful in the 80’s every day…. so coming home was a little depressing with rain and 30 degrees all week. I feel like dancing this weekend… tiptoe through the tulips and all that kind of joy! We are getting ready for fish tacos on the grill! Happy Spring Everyone.


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