Finally, Springing!

IMG_7344Tonight I am thoroughly excited to watch Season 5 Game of Thrones where the phrase of the Stark family is “Winter is Coming”, I have to say I am even more excited to say today that “Winter Has Ended”!

Sunshine and warmer temperatures in the 50’s drew me outside to do some yard work.  Cleaning up sticks and debris that have accumulated through the winter, I happily found new growth under many of my perennials and my bulbs peaking through the beds. The grass grows a little greener every day, waking from it’s dormant sleep. A few days ago, there were literally 50 robins in my front yard. I guess that was a sure promise of Springtime. It reminded me of Florida and if you had a yard full of Ibis, watch out for hurricane weather! (Okay, the robins are a better forecast!)

I had just spent the week leading into Easter visiting family in Florida and the weather was beautiful in the 80’s every day…. so coming home was a little depressing with rain and 30 degrees all week. I feel like dancing this weekend… tiptoe through the tulips and all that kind of joy! We are getting ready for fish tacos on the grill! Happy Spring Everyone.


So Long Sweet Summertime

Alas, living in South Florida for most of my life, I never appreciated summers. This is partially because it is pretty much summertime year-round with the exception of a few cooler weeks here and there. Florida summers are also known for being brutally hot and humid.

In the Northeast summer is truly a season, a lovely season with gardens, flowers everywhere, warm sunny days, cool nights, al fresco dining with the soft glow from lightning bugs. You open your pool for Memorial Day and close it around Labor day… and just as quickly as that, the earths axis shifting, less daylight hours, the temperature drops and leaves begin their transformation from summertime greens to golds and auburns.

So long sweet Summertime, and welcome to Autumn.




Projects, Projects, Projects


We have now lived in our home for ten months! I am thoroughly enjoying our first Autumn in New Jersey. We’ve been apple picking and decorating with all the great pumpkins and gourds and of course the changing of weather and leaves!

The thing that hasn’t changed is our home projects. When I wanted this home, I loved it as it was… although my husband envisioned what he could make of it. So it’s been one project after another… all outside except for the inside being painted. People coming and going since January, blocked driveways, mess, people knocking when you are still in your pajamas! All of this upsetting my protective German Shepherd Bailey who barks whenever anyone enters her domain!

This week our huge outdoor project was completed and it looks beautiful. We have to take the time to enjoy before winter moves in!  I am truly happy my husband wants to make it “our home”.

Hiking Through

Hiking around Split Rock Reservoir
Hiking around Split Rock Reservoir

I just returned from Miami and the Keys to celebrate my daughter’s 21st birthday in Key West. I was so happy taking in the beautiful weather and incredible water that always puts me at peace. Although the “Duval Crawl” was anything but peaceful! We had a fun night celebrating and then took in the water views again as we passed over from key to key heading to Miami.

While in the middle of all this, I was reading a book called Hiking Through by Paul Stutzman. It was about a man’s trek through the AT (Appalachian Trail) 2,176 miles running from Georgia up through Maine. It was something he dreamed of doing and after his wife died from cancer, he needed to make peace with himself and God. I really loved his adventure and the friends he made along the way. I couldn’t wait to see if the trail ran through New Jersey and found that it is not far away – just at 80 and Del Water Gap.

John has talked about doing it before and now I am really looking forward to going out to take a day hike out along the AT trail. Now there are trails all over the area we live in so I may want to try hiking right in my back yard first!! We walk down to the reservoir along the gravel road but really haven’t ventured into hiking yet!

If you have a trail in the NJ area you love hiking, please let me know!!

Happy Trails!


For information on the book Hiking Through, go to:                    Also go to for information on day hikes and what to expect.