Lovely Leaves

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“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”  [Indian Summer]”

― William Cullen Bryant


Last Harvest

Last weekend, I decided it was time to pull out the last of the tomato plants in my garden. It was fun to just pick what was left… all different shapes and colors. The garden has been a true joy and look forward to starting again next spring!




So Long Sweet Summertime

Alas, living in South Florida for most of my life, I never appreciated summers. This is partially because it is pretty much summertime year-round with the exception of a few cooler weeks here and there. Florida summers are also known for being brutally hot and humid.

In the Northeast summer is truly a season, a lovely season with gardens, flowers everywhere, warm sunny days, cool nights, al fresco dining with the soft glow from lightning bugs. You open your pool for Memorial Day and close it around Labor day… and just as quickly as that, the earths axis shifting, less daylight hours, the temperature drops and leaves begin their transformation from summertime greens to golds and auburns.

So long sweet Summertime, and welcome to Autumn.




Autumn Walk

autum benchAutumn Walk by Kim O’Neill

Walking through crisp air,
leaves fall around me like rain
the soft sounds of peace.
*   *   *
Leaves spin as they fall
painting yellow, orange, and red
a rustic landscape.
*   *   *
Shepherd at my heel
loves to explore on our walks
the world around her.
*   *   *
Squirrels scurry about
collecting their goods to store
for cold days ahead.
*   *   *
The smell of fireplaces
warmth and coziness nearby
the breath of Autumn.
*    *   *
As I step inside
I press my leaves in a book
memories to keep.